About the Department

The Department of Sociology is recognized for both the quality of the training we provide to students, and the strength of our research. We offer Sociology courses at the Undergraduate level. The world is changing at a rapid pace. Advances in technology, changing population structures, increasing international movement of people, technology and capital, and changes to physical environments, have serious implications for the economy, business, government and politics, social environments and physical living conditions.


The Department of Sociology is committed to intellectual inquiry that uncovers problems and solutions to these and other factors that affect the human condition. We produce new and innovative research and teach students the knowledge and skills necessary to make a difference in government, business, the non-profit sector and academia. Our productive and internationally recognized faculty publishes in the discipline’s most prestigious journals. The objective of research at the Department of Sociology is to attain the highest international level. As a university department, the Department of Sociology plays a special role in the way the social sciences divide up their work and, consequently, has a duty to continue developing the subject’s key theories and methodologies.

The purpose of the Department’s research is, therefore, both to contribute theoretically and methodically to international sociology, and to produce theoretically and empirically based analyses for the public that are both socially relevant and topical. Department of Sociology offers courses in many areas of Sociology ranging from Sociological Theory, Research Methods, Anthropology, Medical Sociology, Demography, Deviance, Crime, Development, Industrial Sociology, Political Sociology, and Sociology of the Family to social stratification.